Galloway Station: Never Again

We went to Galloway Station tonight for a beer and some food. First let me say I’ve always liked Galloway Station. Writing this post makes me sad, but I’m so angry that this is the only decision I can rightfully make. I know the service is slow, we expect that. We don’t expect it to be bad and inconsiderate. We got there about 8:45, ordered drinks (three beers), one sandwich, and an appetizer by 9:00. It’s important to note that the appetizer was the chili dip – it’s chili and tortilla chips. We got our drinks, then the sandwich showed up. At 10:00 our waiter came back for  the third time to explain that he wasn’t sure where our appetizer was, or when we could expect to get it. IT IS CHILI AND CHIPS – POUR IT IN A FRICKIN’ BOWL! Rebecca was mostly done with her sandwich so we  told him we no longer wanted  the dip, and that we wanted our drinks free. Our  waiter left, came back, and told us that we could get our food for free — the food we never got. We asked to speak to the manager, who came and explained that because we drank the beer he couldn’t give it to us. This is the biggest crock I have ever heard. We tried  to argue, but the language barrier seemed to be an issue and customer service was not a concern of his. Rebecca got her sandwich for free, but Sarah and I (who were supposed to be on a  separate check) paid for our beer and didn’t get our food.

We can walk to Galloway Station from our house, they have one of the best patios in town, the food is good and I never cared that the service was a bit slow, but that changed tonight. I was so angry that we put our $10.50 on the table and left. So I guess the news of the night is that Eric (Patton Alley Pub) now gets all of my bar going budget.