Multiple Train Test

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 2.22.34 PM

I figured it was time to test some trains once I had all the track in place on the large module. Got everything wired and connected it with four other modules to make a small layout. Throttles and turnouts controlled by WiThrottle connected to a RaspberryPi running JMRI (small black case in the cable pit). I love not having to …

Foam and Track


Spent a little time each night this week cutting foam inclines and risers for the module. Tried a couple of different approaches for the inclines. I’m much happier with the 1.5″ incline strip that I cut into 2″ blocks than the strip with notches to bend.

Rough Track Test


Major progress on the endcap mountain module today. A bit of design frustration prompted a switch from XtrackCad to RailModeller Pro. There are a few things lacking, but overall it’s a much better design experience. I especially appreciate the ability to automatically fill gaps with track and manage inventory (saving me from needing to buy more track). Once the module …

Breaking up with Flash: It’s not me, it’s you


I used to be a big fan of Flash. I actually earned income as a Flash developer. I remember the days shortly after Macromedia bought FutureSplash, and the launch of Flash 4 as a landmark for the web. I’d been involved in interactive development for years at that point and while Shockwave (the Director player) worked on the web, it …

Apple Watch After Almost Three Months


I’ve noticed that conversations about the watch seem to follow the flow of media coverage and it seems to have picked up again recently. I’ve had the watch since release day and it’s a useful device. Enough people have asked about the Apple Watch lately that I felt like a lengthy explanation/review would be a good idea. The short review: the …

Missouri Annual Conference 2015

AC Logo 2015

This past weekend United Methodists from Missouri gathered in Springfield for our Annual Conference gathering. Over the past several years conference has been relatively uneventful. There has been good teaching, good worship, great connection to friends and colleagues from around the connection. The events have been good, but they’ve been relatively flat as well with no major decisions before the …

Roles of a Pastor


Pastors play a lot of different roles. Some of them we’re trained for, some of them we learn through experience (or previous jobs). I can honestly say serving on the pastoral team at three different churches I’ve experienced all of these roles. Because of my background in technology, I’ve also regularly been the geek and helpdesk on staff. What is it you have …